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Canva x Round Table

Updated: Jun 10

Canva has revolutionised the way Tables can advertise and promote themselves. This free desktop design platform and app has made telling your story and selling your brand image easier than ever before. Ever have that feeling of wanting to shout about Round Table from the rooftops, but struggling to create eye-catching content? Well, fret no more, to help Tablers keep up with the trend we have produced a host of templates to make promoting socials, events, and everything in between even easier.

If you'd like to make use of these templates you can find them here:

Canva for Round Tabler: Spreading the Message

Just like any business, Round Table thrives on building a strong brand and community. Canva empowers us all to do just that by making social media promotion simple:

  • Effortless Design: Canva's user-friendly drag-and-drop interface lets you create stunning visuals, even if you're a design novice. Use the preloaded visuals in the templates we provide or personalise them with photos of your Table.

  • Brand Consistency:  Maintain a consistent look across all your social media platforms with the new RTGBI Branding preloaded into all our templates. You can find all our brand assets here: Round Table Brand Guidelines 2024

  • Save Time (and Money!):  Canva's vast library of free templates and design elements eliminates the need for expensive graphic designers.

Did you know that Round Tables who are registered for charity status can apply for a free non-profit Canva account? Meaning you can access all of the premium Canva content for FREE! If you haven't already made use of this offer we've put together a guide to help you apply: Read it here

To complement the above 'static' templates we have also developed a series which will continue to grow as new content is added. This first link will take you to the 'Monthly Social Posts' which will be updated ....monthly. Find them here

We have also been working in partnership with Round Table International Public Relations officer to provide a selection of the best content they produce, with both RTI and RTGBI branding available: Access RTI Content here.

So if you want to IGNITE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA and make the most of Canva to promote your Round Table you're in the right place!



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