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Learn How To Table?

Updated: May 16

Tired of disengaged Tablers not turning up to the events you run?

Not sure what value Table has for you?

Struggling to run fundraising events due to low numbers of volunteers?

Social media have you confused or worried about posting?

All of the above?

Are you ready to tackle these challenges head-on and unlock the full potential of your Tabler experience?

Then the Chairman and Vice Workshops may just be the weekend you need!

Join us for a weekend full of valuable insights, practical solutions, and meaningful connections. It's time to reignite engagement, maximize value, boost event attendance, and conquer social media with confidence. Don't miss out—reserve your spot now and take the first step toward membership growth and success!

Who can attend?

Chairman and Vice Chairman are offered first refusal on the two positions open to every Club in RTGBI. However, we have opened these weekends to empower any Tabler who wants a better Table experience.

The workshops focus on making your club more attractive to new members and ensuring you and your fellow Tablers are getting the most enjoyment out of your Table experience. Bringing Tablers together in an exciting, interactive, and informative forum which will concentrate on:

- How to make your social media presence effective and appeal to the new members.

- Programme and social ideas. Exciting, vibrant and inviting activities are the product we sell to our prospective and current members.

- Successes and pitfalls we have experienced while helping the 100 clubs we have so far coached across the UK.

The workshop will be followed with some downtime – then a ‘’table night’’ activity, a group dinner, and a social night out getting to know other guys in the same boat as you.

Sunday – after checkout, we will have a brunch ‘’leadership workshop’’. This will be focused entirely on Table roles, and how to thrive in them. We aim to make this a valuable session to help you achieve the best year possible as chairman and prepare vice chairman for the following year.

We will also cover the basics from how to chair a meeting and the importance of setting a direction/goals, right through what the roles and responsibilities are within a club, and how to delegate effectively.

You can find registration information on Tabler World via the below links

Harrogate Workshop Registration

Registration for the next three will open in due course keep an eye out for announcements via email.

We look forward to having you all attend. Cheers to learning, growing, and thriving as leaders of your Table.

Yours in Table

The Programme and Membership Committee



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