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Round Table Membership Survery Results

Updated: Jun 3

The results are in!

The National Vice President set out year to work with the National Board and National Council to undertake a thorough top down review of RT GB&I, and engage directly with members to understand their views on the future of our FANTASTIC organisation.

We need to focus on growing our membership numbers to ensure that Round Table is there for future generations.

The comprehensive membership survey undertaken in January 2024, was aimed at understanding what views of the association members hold. What they want to protect, and where the board should focus on changes to ensure that Round Table remains relevant and attractive in modern society.

Ultimately the membership survey sought to:

• Understand the actual views of the membership,

• Inform or validate a 3 Year rolling plan for RTBI,

• Create a CLEAR mandate for RTBI for today,

• Drown out the noise from vocal minorities and ex-members,

• To ensure that the National Board and Council are there to deliver the will of the members

At the point it was closed a total of 1,136 surveys had been completed, of which 1,100

were from current members (including 70 honorary members). In total the raw qualitative data contained 127,058 words!

The response rate was 38.8% of the membership, giving the results a 98% confidence rate.

Thanks to each and every member who completed the survey, and also special thanks to Tom McVey of Deeside Round Table, who used his skills to analyse the data and

provide key themes. We hope that you find the results interesting.

You can find the full report by logging into Tabler World here: 2024 Membership Survey Report



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