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Table Expansion in Ireland

Round Table on the island of Ireland is seeing a fantastic growth spurt. Fueled by a surge of interest from the younger generation. Championed by the 3 active and well-established Tables in Ireland, Armagh, Dublin and Enniskillen. we're excited to welcome new members across the Island.

Six new Tables are currently in various stages of formation, with Causeway Coast (based out of Coleraine), Belfast, and Lurgan leading the charge. These 3 clubs have had initial meetings with young guys and have begun promoting their exciting social calendar.

Not far behind are North Dublin (based out of Swords), South Dublin (based out of Blackrock), and Cork. all poised to join the thriving Round Table community in Ireland.

Area Chairman Adarsh and Membership Officer Richard and the rest of Area 52 are actively recruiting for these new Tables. They're looking for help from existing Tablers across Ireland to identify:

  • Recently relocated guys in the regions mentioned above.

  • Friends who might be interested in the unique camaraderie and experiences offered by Round Table.

If you know someone who would be a great fit for the Round Table, get in touch! Let's keep this momentum going and welcome a new generation of Irish men into the Round Table family.

Reach out via Tabler World or propose a prospect via email or facebook.



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