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  • How old do I have to be to join Round Table?
    Our members are 18-45 years old. If you are male and older than 45 we recommend reaching out to 41 Club via If you are female and older than 45 please reach out to Tangent via If you are older than 45 and identify as neither male or female please contact either organisation, who can introduce you to see which you feel is most appropriate.
  • Do I have to be a man to join Round Table?
    We are not anti anyone... As modern, inclusive organisations both Round Table and Ladies Circle provide safe environments for all individuals. Round Table Great Britain & Ireland is open to everyone ages 18-45 who identifies as being, or lives as male. This includes people who are cisgender, transgender, and those assigned male at birth who are nonbinary. Our sister organisation Ladies Circle is open to individuals who identify as being or live as female of the same age. 41 Club and Tangent represent the interests of members over 45 years old.
  • Why have single sex / age specific organisations in a modern world?
    Round Table is age and gender identification specific, we are not anti anyone, we exist to accomplish very specific goals, which include the promotion of friendship amongst those who identify as male, in an age where male suicide is the #1 cause of death in men 18-45. The main issue for this is loneliness. Round Table gives men an opportunity to build friends through shared experiences. Doctors have proven that strong male friendships reduce the suicide rate in this demographic. Why such a specific age? When we were founded in 1927 young men felt they were not being listened to within their community, older established men were calling the shots. It's not so different today. Our movement allows men to develop leadership skills and innovate within their communities to bring about positive changes. We know the above answer uses the words men and male - but as mentioned in other FAQs, the Round Table Family is open to all, no matter how they identify and we encourage anyone interested in membership to talk to us and find the club that best suits their needs.
  • How much does membership cost?
    Membership (we call it capitation) is £85 a year. This covers membership of the National Association. Local Round Tables then use different methods to cover the cost of event attendance etc. Some might have you pay whenever you come along for the evening, others might suggest a direct debit to cover events and saves you paying on the day. Have a chat with your local Table to find out more.
  • Are there any membership discounts?
    New members under the age of 25 get their first two years for free. We also offer members of the armed forces their first year free.
  • When do you meet?
    All the time - it depends on your local Table. Ask them to find out when works for you.
  • Is there a dress code to attend meetings?
    It depends! Normally no - your average Table night out will be like going out with any other group of mates. However, some local Tables like things to be a little smarter for a quarterly business meeting. Every now and then there might be the opportunity to attend a ball in your tux. Or who knows, you might find yourself in fancy dress at a charity event. Most importantly though - you won't find yourself feeling uncomfortable or out of pocket at events.
  • What to expect at your first meeting?
    Anything! Seriously - it could be absolutely anything depending on the fantastic programme put on by your local Table... * Curry night * Axe throwing * Football * Walk at a nature reserve * Serious charity event planning * A beer in the pub * BBQ * Bike ride * Film night * Gaming The list goes on and on. What you can be sure of though is a warm welcome, good banter and the potential for lifelong friendship.
  • Who runs Round Table?
    Round Table is a National Association of local clubs. Your local Round Table will be run by a bunch of guys (volunteer committee) of people just like you. Each local Table is part of an Area, which has its own volunteer committee. Each Area is part of a Region, which is represented on the National Council by a volunteer Regional Rep. The National Council feeds into and overseas the volunteer National Board, who run Round Table Great Britain & Ireland on a day to day basis. All committee, council and board positions are filled through elections. The current National Board is: * National President - Chris Bush * Immediate Past President - Matt Fallon * National Vice President - Steve Eccles * National Secretary - Richard Crowther * National Treasurer - Mark Sephton * International Relations Officer - Adam Fitt * National Communications Officer - Adam Baggs * National Community Officer - Sheraz Shahid * National Membership and Extension Officer - Stefan Alexander * National Events Officer - Raymond Carr * National Programme and Retention Officer - Rocco Cerullo
  • Are you part of Rotary?
    No, Round Table has nothing to do with Rotary.
  • Are you part of the Masons?
    No, Round Table has nothing to do with the Masons / Masonic Lodges.

We are run by our members, for our members.  Everyone is equal and everyone has the right to be heard.

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