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New Round Table Brand Guidelines


Following an incredible 1,000 responses to the membership survey, from Tablers across the UK, a small team have been reviewing the RTBI Brand and guidelines to ensure they meet your needs.

  • We wanted to make sure they are fit for purpose

  • Reflect your opinions

  • Look to the future of our organisation

  • Recognise what has gone before

  • Help achieve the goals of our three year plan

A team including Jordan Bright, Steven Willis, your National VP and both incoming and outgoing media officers have worked to create a suite of brand tools for you going forward. Not only did they listen to the feedback in the survey but also via your local representatives to create the final results.


Round Table Branded Facebook Header Ignite your social life

Welcome to the new era of Round Table Great Britain & Ireland! The guide available here equips you with the tools to ensure every interaction, online and off, reflects our dynamic spirit.

We've modernised our visual identity, with a sleek new logo that celebrates our legacy while embracing a bold future. Our iconic "Do More" tagline remains the cornerstone of our purpose, empowering us to continue positively impacting the world. Let's leverage these guidelines and tools to ensure every word we share, and every image we display keeps the Round Table conversation vibrant, uniquely ours, and resonating with a modern audience.

You'll find everything you need within the new Brand Guidelines to bring the Round Table brand to life. We've included access to the official logo in various formats, ensuring consistent application across all platforms.

The updated "Do More" tagline is presented with clear usage guidelines.

To jumpstart your content creation, we've provided downloadable social media assets, including pre-designed templates for Canva. You'll also find our approved brand fonts and a selection of high-quality images that embody the Round Table spirit. With these resources at your fingertips, you can create impactful and engaging content that strengthens our brand and ignites the next chapter of the Round Table story.

Download and view the RTGB&I Brand Guidelines 2024 here:

Links to all the logos, images, templates, Canva - in fact anything you might need are in the guidelines

As you can imagine rebranding all of the facets of the organisation will take some time so expect to see the logos and headers of various accounts and documents change during April. With the last of the changes fully implemented by Conference in May.

Do More Round Table Branded Image Kayak



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