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Note from the President on member conduct

25 April, 2023 - Members join Round Table for different reasons and we benefit from it in a wide variety of ways. However, chief amongst those is the camaraderie, banter, fun and friendships that we gain during our time as Tablers.

One of our Aims and Objects is “To cultivate the highest ideals in business, professional and civic traditions.” We have been made aware of a recent incident involving a WhatsApp conversation that went far beyond "banter" and is completely unacceptable.

Under no circumstances is inappropriate conduct tolerated amongst Round Table members and the breaking of our rules and policies concerning behaviour will result in immediate suspension pending an enquiry. In extreme cases this may include immediate expulsion from the organisation.

If anyone, member or not feels they are a victim of inappropriate behaviour by a member of Round Table, we would ask you to come forward and speak directly with us.

As an organisation that does incredible work for local communities, including the raising of close to £4 million each year as well as the provision of 160,000 hours of volunteer time, such behaviour is not acceptable amongst the members of Round Table.



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