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NSW Lands in Lancaster

The NSW (National Sporting Weekend) team promised they would comeback in style - and they truly did!

NSW 2022, organised by Area 34 took place at the start of September. Also known as “The Comeback Games” it saw a fair amount of setbacks due to COVID – but the team battled through and the end result was an epic weekend with more than 175 Tablers gathering in Lancaster for banter, brotherhood and plenty of friendly competition.

The weekend started (for some) with a low key Thursday night out followed by the odd round of golf and other less competitive activities as part of The Big Day Out.

Things really kicked off though on the Friday night with an extensive pub tour of the ancient City of Lancaster. Featuring many of the best local watering holes is was an opportunity for many to earn area points and get match-fit for the main event on Saturday.

From ultimate frisbee and basketball to indoor climbing and squash – the Saturday featured a variety of traditional sports as well as a challenging Drayman’s Run and of course the tug of war. The whole event was perfectly rounded off with an Oktoberfest (in September!!).

Area 6 was the deserving winners of the overall trophy but there were plenty of medals to share around.

Well done to the organising team and thanks to all the volunteers. I’ll leave it to the pictures to tell the whole story…



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