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Join Round Table and #DOMORE

Make new friends in a world of inspiring opportunities, whilst supporting local communities and charities.

Do you want to have fun, build lifelong friendships and meet like-minded people from your community?

If the answer is YES, then Round Table is the perfect place for you.


At Round Table, we make amazing new friendships, gain wonderful new experiences, and make a difference.


To find your nearest Table, get in touch.

We raise over £4 million a year and dedicate 160,000 volunteer hours to good causes!

Round Table Great Britain and Ireland is part of the Round Table Family.  


Round Table Great Britain & Ireland is open to everyone ages 18-45 who identifies as being, or lives as male. This includes people who are cisgender, transgender, and those assigned male at birth who are nonbinary.  Our sister organisation Ladies Circle is open to individuals who identify as being or live as female of the same age. 41 Club and Tangent represent the interests of members over 45 years old.


Round Table is a truly international organisation (RTI) with over 30,000 members in 60 different countries.






Raised each year


Volunteer Hours

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