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Impact Report - Executive Summary

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

For 95 years members of Round Table Great Britain and Ireland (RTBI), also known as Tablers, have been supporting local communities through charity activities, events, volunteer hours and more. We have known anecdotally that the work and effort put in by our members has had a huge impact, but we wanted to know and understand more about what we do, who we help, how much we help and why we help.

During late 2021 and early 2022 RTBI commissioned Ruth Jackson to conduct an Impact Study on our behalf. Her remit was to understand both the quantitative and qualitative impact of RTBI’s members and the results are far greater than we ever expected.

Over the following pages you will find the results of Ruth’s work, the data and stories she has extrapolated from surveys, emails, calls and interviews. Broadly speaking it is split into two core areas. The first where she identifies “how much” RTBI’s member do for their communities and the rest of the UK as a whole; the second where she tells stories of individual Tablers, their motivations and success stories.

This research demonstrates:

  • That our members raised in excess of £3,955,000 in 2021 despite the challenges of COVID.

  • That during the same year members donated more than 157,780 hours of their time – which to put in perspective is 6,575 days – or 940 weeks – or 18 years!

  • Using the average national hourly wage of £15.95 this represents a further £2,516,591 of value.

  • All combined RTBI members therefore contribute in excess of £6,471,000 for local communities.

The figures detailed about and explained throughout the report are presented alongside detailed stories and reports from individual RTBI members supporting their communities. These stories provide an insight into the individuals within RTBI, their motivations, their success and their reasons for being a part of our movement.

The results are an incredible achievement by a group of young, willing and able volunteers all across the UK. It represents in just a handful of numbers the incredible impact Round Table has on communities and is a testament to the hard work and commitment demonstrated by Tablers. Well done to you all. RTBI is a unique organisation and these numbers combined with the heart-warming, heartfelt and incredibly honest stories show that as an organisation we really #DOMORE.

Alan Collins – National Community Officer 2021-2023

Paul Thompson – National President 2021-2022 and Immediate Past President 2022-2023

Round Table (RTBI) is a young man / men's club for those aged between 18 and 45. RTBI supports charities, the local community and its individual members through friendship and brotherhood. As part of the Round Table Family, RTBI is an inclusive organisation open to all individuals no matter their age or gender identification. To find out more visit our FAQs page or Contact Us.



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