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Meet - Jack Ramsden

British Bouldering Champion and Tabler, Jack Ramsden competed internationally for over four years. He was selected for the junior team at the age of 13 and went on to rank 11th in Europe in 2015.

Today the 21-year-old from Derbyshire is inspiring the next generation of would-be climbers and adventurers. He takes young people out on treks, water paddling, climbing and bike sessions in the beautiful setting of the Lake District.

Jack left Buxton and Leek College with a triple distinction for BTEC Outdoor Sport level 3. He has gone on to lead sessions of archery, survival, canoeing, to name a few. He said: “I find it really cool when someone achieves something they thought they couldn’t do.”

The outdoor and climbing instructor at Newlands Adventure Centre & Keswick Climbing Wall works with young people aged eight to 18, families and corporate teams.

Jack, who has been interviewed by Red Bull, continues to challenge himself and encourage others to try new things. He has set himself the task of ‘climbing all around the world’.

He joined the Round Table when he moved to Keswick in 2019. He said: “It’s a chance to develop yourself, make new friends, and do something good.”

Q&A with Jack

Tell Me About Yourself…

I’ve always loved climbing trees, walls and anything that I could climb up. After going to an indoor climbing party when I was nine years old, I realised I could climb even higher and started to have lessons at a local wall. At the age of 13, I was selected to represent the Junior GB Bouldering Team and went on to become Junior British Bouldering Champion in 2015. After four years, I chose to step down to focus on climbing outdoors and explore other activities like paddle sports and archery.

From the age of 10, I knew I wanted to be an outdoor instructor. I went to college to take a vocational course and worked hard to get good grades and go into a full-time job.

I love my job. I love being outdoors and find working with children very rewarding. When I’m not climbing, I like exploring the outdoors, walking, camping and longboarding (similar to skateboarding).

My future goals are to try more challenging climbs – around the world, improve my paddling, learn caving and inspire other people to get outside and try new things.

Why did you decide to join Round Table?

I moved to Keswick and didn’t know anyone. I joined in March 2020 after a few friends recommended it. The first event was stargazing, which was cool, and I wondered what else we could do. Members told me how the group worked and I thought this is something I wanted to be part of.

The Keswick Table has been the fastest growing group in the area and the Charter was a massive success. It was sold out and everyone had a great time.

What do you like about Round Table?

I love the social side. We meet every Tuesday and I’m not sure a group of friends would meet so regularly if the routine wasn’t set.

I also find the community work really rewarding. We’ve helped with litter picking around Keswick, which is a big issue particularly during holiday season. We’ve also recently sponsored Keswick under 14 girls’ football team kit.

Would you recommend Round Table to others and why?

Yes. I try to get as many friends on board as possible. I don’t think many of them had heard of Round Table and tell them it’s a young group, with a great social side and the chance to contribute to your community.



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