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What a load of wool - Xmas knit trend booms

8.5 million Brits plan to buy a Christmas jumper this year - spending over £260 million on the increasingly popular Christmas trend.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults by voucher discount website uncovered that 17.4% of the population were planning on buying a Christmas jumper this year, despite over half of these respondents already owning one. With Brits willing to spend an average £29.60 on a festive knit, this brings the figure to over £262.8 million to be spent on the seasonal favourite.

The research also uncovered that those under the age of 34 were most likely to purchase a Christmas jumper, regardless of whether they already own one or not, with women marginally more likely to buy a jumper than men. Those living in Northern Ireland are the most likely to purchase their first jumper in order to get in on the craze, whilst those from the North West of the UK were most likely to purchase a Christmas jumper overall, despite already owning at least one.

The popularity of Christmas jumpers has grown emphatically in recent years, partly due to charity events such as National Christmas Jumper Day, organised by Save the Children, which this year takes place on Friday 18th December. In addition, many celebratory events for the season now include the knitwear as a suggested dress code.

In addition to the spend on jumpers, the UK’s Christmas shoppers are set to splash out £17.2 billion on gifts this year, with over 15% of the population expecting to spend over £500 on presents alone. Whilst the average Brit is willing to spend £240.30, 31% less than the £350 average spend reported by ING last year, those living in the North West of the UK will be the most generous, splashing out just over £270 on average. Those in East Anglia are least cash-happy, with an average amount spent on gifts at £203.81, whilst Londoners clocked in with an average spend of £229.65.

Voucherbox’s UK Country Manager Shane Forster commented, “Although the average individual spend appears to be lower this year than last, Christmas spirit is undoubtedly alive and well in the UK. It’s interesting to see fun additions to tradition, such as jumpers and knitwear, becoming a firm favourite among the public, with Brits seemingly more than willing to part with their cash in order to be part of the action. As it’s the season for fun and festivities it’s great to get involved in feeling warm and Christmassy, even in somewhat questionable style!”

Are you planning to be a part of the trend this year? Why not post a picture of your most impressive Christmas jumper on our Facebook here.

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