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Programme Officer Role

Recently the results of a Round Table comms survey showed a staggering £2,000,000 was raised during the past 12 months in community projects; and this was from just a third of responses received from Tables within RTBI. 

This really is just the tip of the iceberg and we should be proud to be members of an organisation that gives so much.

Over the last few years, and more prominently during the last 12 months, the feedback received by the membership is clear that community engagement is at the very heart of our organisation more than ever before.

Taking part in or running projects such as beer festivals, Birdman, fireworks, carnivals, RTCW events, #nutnominate, Wolf Runs, Movember, Children in Need, Santa Sleighs and so many more local events that you and your fellow members take part in makes a massive difference to others.

There is no doubt we are leaders in this sector and growing at a pace given the positive change in the economy.

It is recognised that being a member of Round Table means different things to different people, and

Internal and external community engagement is one of the strongest arms of success in what we do. 

Internally, programme is key to taking care of the members of today and growing clubs; the importance of which must not be underestimated.

To deal with the changing times and to support the development of Round Table, the National Council supported a move to split the role of Programme Officer to recognise the work that will be

rolled out this year and in the years to come.

A new Board role of National Community Development Officer has therefore been created in order to maximise on developing community engagement through our clubs local activities.

Andrew Simmonds, the existing National Programme Officer, with the support of the National Council, will transfer into the “Community Development Officer” role and carry on the work he started 12 months ago in this sector, raising the public image of community nationally, regionally and locally for you whilst seeking new opportunities that make our clubs locally famous.

We know the work all clubs are engaging in, we need new ways to support you and ensure that nationally we are recognised more for what we do and how we can help your communities thrive.

So, can you make a difference to Round Table by serving on the National Board as Programme Officer?

The New Programme Development Officer role will continue to develop a national programme which includes regional sports competitions, development and delivery of regional workshops and training, implementation of a new member academy, provide national accreditation, explore the introduction of a “Trust a Tabler” app and enhance regional events that will support local clubs who need real help in recruiting new members. There is also the work around building partnerships that give new benefits to our members in their everyday life. In essence this forms a clear engagement plan.


There are clubs who need our support and the Programme role is pivotal to delivering that. To that note I would like invite any member to apply for the role of Programme Development Officer.


Please state, in no more than 300 words, why you are applying for this voluntary position and what you would bring to the role on the National Board no later than 19th June at 12pm to, following that you will be invited to an interview, if you require further information on the detail of the roll please contact the above email.


Yours in Table


Marcus Jones


National President

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