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Kenilworth Round Table celebrate 30 years of incredible firework displays

With 29 years of experience wowing the crowds at Kenilworth with their spectacular firework displays, in their 30th year the guys from Kenilworth Round Table are looking forward to making it their best yet! We caught up with them as they prepare for their greatest display yet on the 4th November.

We began our fireworks display in 1987 and was organised by just 20 volunteers. All the fireworks were set off by the team themselves, with a crowd of approximately 2,000 people.

The event has evolved over the 30 years and the crowd now is almost 14,000 people a year! We have now moved to using a specialist firework display company, and now have professional sound and music companies attend and even a local radio station. This of course all has a cost, but with the scale of our firework display, the professionals help us to provide a fantastic show for the local community and allows us to focus on marketing the event and reaching out for new members that will help us make it even better next year!

The event is set against the famous backdrop of Kenilworth Castle, which makes it a firm favourite for people from and wide. Clearly the 20 members of Kenilworth Round Table have more assistance these days dont think you can manage this kind of scale all by yourself. We muster the help from many local groups and Charites all of whom we support and to this day we have many of the original team now very experienced 41club members come and help us.

Clearly the community and local organisations help us and without their help, we just could not run the event at the size it has now become. From our sister group Ladies Circle to 41 Club and Tangent we receive an incredible amount of support. We have close support from the local farmers who allow us to use the field, St John Ambulance service, the local Police and the Fire Service, and now with Warwick University Round Table also coming along to help we have a team of 100 on the night its an amazing night. If you are thinking of joining Round Table or Ladies Circle this is the best time to come and see what we are all about and meet all the great guys.

Last year Visit England placed our event as the third best Fireworks Display in the UK, which actually put us ahead of Legoland Windsor!

Of course, with this type of location and popularity we make a huge amount of money for local causes. Last year our revenue was 107,000 and we made a net profit of 66,000 before donations to support groups.

In our 30 years we have raised over 1 million which we have given away to local good causes. In recent years, we have donated between 40,000 and 60,000 a year to multiple projects but some years we try to find special project ourselves and approach a group to try to identify a good use for a life changing sum of money.

Last year we gave 10,000 to Warwick Hospital for Bilirubin baby monitors, 10,000 to Coventry hospital Breast Cancer unit, 15,000 to Waverley day centre to help fund towards a new minibus. We also donated to many local scout and guide groups, the local town Carnival and we have been helping on a six-year plan to keep the local youth club in operation and helping them get financially stable since local authority funding was withdrawn. We funded additional top up money to the local park when the council were going to carry out a 100,000 new facility and we added 20,000 to this. It is great to be able to help amazing projects especially when they mean so much and just wouldnt continue without our donation. One of our most memorable donations was a 7,000 to the RT Childrens wish fund following a visit from them to one of our table meetings it really helped to change childrens lives.

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