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Chaps! Here’s 10 Reasons To Slim Down And Get Fit

Many popular diets like to focus on women, which can leave some blokes feeling left on the shelf. But The Hairy Bikers Diet Club is different. We treat each of our members as individuals and know that good health is something everyone deserves. In aid of International Men’s Day, we want to shift the attention back your way and give you ten top reasons to drop some timber and get fit and healthy.
1. You’ll sleep better
Laying in bed at 2am with a racing mind or restless leg can be inconvenient and disruptive to everyday life. But according to Dr. Lawrence Epstein, an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School, common sleep disorders like insomnia and restless leg syndrome can be improved with weight loss. Exercise during the day is also known to enhance the quality of sleep, ensuring you wake feeling well rested, and if you share a bed with a partner, they’ll be pleased to know that shifting timber can also reduce or stop your snoring! 
2. You’ll feel sharper
It’s been understood for some time that obesity increases your risk of developing some neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease. But recent research indicates that losing weight can also improve your overall memory, concentration and general cognition. So, if you fancy climbing the career ladder or simply wish to master more complex crosswords, losing weight may help you stay mentally sharper for longer.  
3. Your libido will rocket
Too lethargic for lovemaking? Your eating habits might have something to do with it. A 2012 systematic review published in the science journal Obesity found overwhelming evidence that obese men are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and decreased sex drive when compared to men within a healthy weight range. Weight loss improves these issues, giving men and their partners more fulfilling sex lives and increased confidence in the bedroom. 
4. You’ll be less likely to have a heart attack
It might come as a surprise, but the latest data from The British Heart Foundation shows cardiovascular disease is responsible for over a quarter of all deaths in the UK, and a whopping 7 million Brits live with some form of heart condition. Scary right? The good news is, many people can decrease their risk of developing cardiovascular disease by eating a balanced diet and losing some body fat. It is very important to shift belly fat (otherwise known as the ‘spare-tire’) as excess weight around your middle puts you in the highest risk category for cardiovascular disease and many other conditions. Exercises like cycling and swimming are particularly beneficial for reducing the circumference of your midriff. 
5. Your digestion will improve
Do you frequently feel embarrassed by the smell you leave in the bathroom? Perhaps you’re always constipated or suffer from IBS? Weight reduction can improve these problems, or even eliminate them. Fruit and veg contain plenty of fibre and essential vitamins that will optimise your digestive tract and have you going to the bathroom like clockwork. 
6. There will be more clothing to choose from
You might currently feel restricted to wearing baggy clothes that hide your beer belly. By slimming down, you’ll be able to choose from a wider selection of clothing and really show off your figure. Why not treat yourself to a whole new wardrobe? Stick a quid in a jar whenever you dodge the biscuit barrel and save up for some extra special outfits.
7. You’ll feel more confident
Do you often feel less than your best? You might find dropping a stone helps. A large 2012 study published in Economics & Human Biology showed that overweight and obese people report lower self confidence and higher levels of discrimination when compared to those who fall within a healthy weight range. Slimming down is therefore not only beneficial to your physical health, but can also improve your self image. Having more confidence will have pleasing effects on your work, social and home life. 
8. You’ll have more energy
You might feel tired and sluggish much of the day. But when you replace fatty fried foods with nutritionally dense, wholesome meals, you’ll notice your energy skyrocket which will give you more oomph in the gym. As you begin to shed timber, you’ll be more able to run around with your kids and go for long strolls with your partner. You’ll eventually find yourself on an upwards spiral of increasing energy and ongoing weight loss.
9. Your bank balance will benefit
How much do you spend on takeaways and fast food every month? Have you ever squandered a fortune on a chicken jalfrezi and stodgy rice only to be disappointed with its quality and flavour? At The Hairy Bikers Diet Club, you could learn how to make your favourite Indian curry or instant noodles at a fraction of the cost and be sure to enjoy it every single time. Why not spend the difference on a new pair of jeans or a personal training session? 
10. Your social life will improve 
Increased energy, better self confidence and more cash in the bank will enable you to enjoy a bustling social life. You might also decide to join a walking group, football club or local gym where you will meet likeminded dieters. If you’re worried that dieting means boycotting the pub - don’t be. The Hairy Bikers Diet Club encourages you to enjoy yourself and have fun in a more calorie-conscious way. There’s no reason why dieting should isolate you - in fact, we believe it does the opposite!

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