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Be a daredevil and ditch the slopes this winter

The onset of winter sees the salopettes and ski gear being brought out for some Alpine action and the après ski. 


But how about something a bit more daring this season than just gliding your way down the slopes? 

Why not get the pulses racing by ditching the skis for one of these adrenaline busting winter alternatives. Shovel racing anyone? 


La Tyrolienne – Orelle, France  


Fly like a bird above a glacier on this zip wire perched between two points in the French Alps. Starting 3,230 metres up on the Col de Thorens, strap in and then spend the next two minutes reaching a speed of up to 105kph over the next 1.3km! €50 a pop and you must be able to ski to reach the start! 



The Cresta Run – St Moritz   


Just like Table – it’s only open to men. Take your chance on the world famous bobsleigh on this ultimate adrenaline rush as you hurtle down a wall of ice! Running since the 1880s, today’s beginners get five rides for 600 Swiss francs (approx. £400) and are only ‘beginners’ on the very first day! Speeds in excess of 70mph expect but just make sure you don’t become a member of the Shuttlecock club!  


Snow kayaking – Colorado 


Who needs water when you can rides the snowflakes! Grab a paddle and your kayak and head for slopes. It’s been around for over a decade and even has its own world championship. Colorado’s Rockies has become the home of this crazy pastime – but it takes some hunting down! Check out the action on You Tube (search 2104 Monarch Mountain). 


Shovel racing – New Mexico  


And you thought it was only for shifting the white stuff! Think again as the Angel Fire Resort in New Mexico hosts the annual shovel racing championships open to kids, men and women – amateur and professional. Splash out $35 to enter and a few more dollars to get access to the slope and away you go! 


Ice Driving – Europe  

Get behind the wheel and test your motoring skills to the full in an Aston Martin DB9, Lamborghini Gallardo or a Ford Focus trying to avoid looking like Bambi on an ice lake! It’s a chance to go all Top Gear with a range of venues and operators across Europe. 


Ski Jumping – Austria  


Fancy yourself as the next Eddie the Eagle? Then jump on a plane to Austria, zip up your suit, wax your skis and soar! We’ve seen celebs (ahem) give it a go in The Jump…well have a go yourself. Saalfelden offers four jumps starting from 15m through to 85m to leap off. Take a two day course and learn to fly!

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