Armed Forces Scheme

Are you a current or ex member of the Armed Forces?  Do you want to build new lifelong friendships? And meet likeminded men from your community?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then Round Table is the perfect place for you.

At Round Table we give 18-45 year old men the chance to make amazing new friendships, gain wonderful new experiences and make a difference in their local community.

Round Table are now signatories of the Armed Forces Covenant, and we will do all we can to ensure forces members and their families are treated fairly and not disadvantaged in their lives. That’s why we have a special deal for all serving and ex-forces personnel.

There are over 400 active tables across Britain and Ireland and you could soon be experiencing many great Table nights out, including events like paintballing, sausage making, go karting and much more. Plus become part of the organisation involved in many of the best firework displays, beer festivals and Santa sleighs in the country and raise vital funds for fantastic local causes and charities. 

And there's even more!

Round Table members also gain access to a range of exclusive discounts and offers from companies including Cotswold, Rileys and Merlin Entertainment.

Round Table means a lifetime of friendships and doing the unexpected. Round Table is all about trying new things,  having a laugh, whilst going the extra mile for your friends and community. But don’t just take our word for it...

Craig joined Round Table in Solihull



Craig Smith, a member of Solihull Round Table spent 11 years in the Navy as a Junior Engineer.

“My experience of being a member of Round Table has been brilliant. You can meet like minded men who do a lot for the local community as well as having great social lives.

Civvies don’t live life like service men do. You miss that banter and nights out with the lads.

Round Table manages to fill that hole and you always get that feeling of being part of something again”



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