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Worlds youngest member joins Brackley Round Table

A Northamptonshire teenager celebrated his 18th birthday not in the pub but by becoming the world’s youngest member of leading men’s organisation Round Table.

While most 18 year olds head for their first legal drink, Edd Hornby’s first day as a man saw him spend his birthday at Round Table headquarters in Birmingham and become a fully-fledged member of Brackley & District – his local club - by National President Steve Glaister.

Joined by fellow Tablers from Brackley and members of the Round Table board, it was a special moment for Edd’s father Andrew, who was a member of Round Table for over 20 years. 

Edd, who turned 18 on February 12, said: “I’ve grown up with Round Table and so know how great it is. I always intended to join on my 18th as what better way to remember the day.

“The Brackley guys are great, do some great activities and also play a key role in the community. I’m looking forward to having some great times in Round Table over the coming years.”

His father Andrew said: “For both Edd and his sister, Round Table was been central to their family life, as I joined before they were born.

“Last year’s Table Chairman then personally invited Edd as a guest to every meeting as he could see Edd’s potential, and sure enough Edd applied for membership so he could join as soon as he turned 18.

“With 27 years ahead of him I think Edd could go way further in Round Table if he wanted to.” 

National President Steve Glaister added: “It was awesome to welcome Edd into Round Table. I am so jealous of the fact that he has discovered what Round Table has to offer at this point in his life."

Round Table, which is present in 57 countries around the world, was founded in Britain and open to men aged 18-45.

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