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Who you gonna call? Round Table!

Bridport Round Table have been making waves in the local press after a story about their Ghostbusters car went viral.

The old Volvo was fashioned like the “Ecto” Ghostbusters car and was entered into their local carnival earlier this year to raise funds for local charities.

The car didn’t actually win a prize – but came to the attention of BBC Solent after the group decided to auction off the car on eBay.

The car was created by all the members who painstakingly put the design together themselves, using the skills of their members including electricians and metal fabricators.

After featuring on BBC Radio Solent, a video about the car produced by the BBC has had over 6000 views and the group have been approached by more people wanting to publish articles about the ghostly creation.

A percentage of the money made from those articles will be earnt by Bridport Round Table who can directly help local community projects. 

You can view the video created by the BBC here 


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