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Wear. Sunscreen.

The sun’s fun. It makes you feel good and boosts vitamin D production but too much is dangerous. How do you know if you’ve had too much? Simple - you start to change colour. The healthy tan is like the unicorn, the Leprechaun and England’s middle order - a myth.


Too much sun increases your chance of getting skin cancer - 37 people are diagnosed every day.[1] But there are two easy to use products that can help. The first is a T-shirt. Keep it on, lads. (You will probably look better too.) The second, unless you want a face like an old leather jacket, is a hat. Nose and ears are skin cancer magnets.


For the uncovered bits use sunscreen. Nothing less than Factor 15. That’s not the average speed of the Starship Enterprise but the degree of protection - highest is best.


If you must sunbathe, slap on the sunscreen regularly and avoid the midday sun. The sun’s ultraviolet is also increased when it reflects off the sea and sand and can burn you even through water and - visitors to UK destinations, please note - light cloud. Don’t forget the special places where holidaymakers go to find the shade, they’re called bars.



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