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Top 5 worst jobs to have when the suns out

The sun is out, the skies are clear, and of course, everyone is moaning about having to be in work, but which profession has it worse when the temperature rises.


Bar staff – If you think it’s bad enough that you have to wait until you’ve finished work to go and visit a beer garden, spare a thought for the people who don’t get to do it at all. Even worse, they have to watch everyone else while they’re pulling pints - and to top it off, the good weather has lured everyone out of their homes and into the pub meaning you’ve got double the work you do on a normal day. Bar staff are the real heroes of a sunny day.


Builder – Most people will get a sweat on simply sunbathing when the good weather arrives, let alone having to complete actual manual labour which is why builders make our top 5,. Whenever I go on holiday to a country that is frequently 30+ degrees I wonder how there are any building standing at all, so any builders outside today, or in fact anyone doing manual labour on the hottest day of the year -  I salute you.


Chef – If it’s too hot get out of the kitchen, I can imagine a lot of chefs are taking that mantra very seriously today and genuinely considering it. The last thing you need in a job where you’re surrounded by hot stoves is more heat, cooking a meal on a day like today will leave most chefs feeling medium to well done. 


Driver – Lorry drivers, van drivers, delivery drivers , bus drivers - basically anyone who is stuffed up in a vehicle all day. Firstly everyone is out on the roads heading to a park, playground, or pub so the roads are packed full of people, and now matter how many windows you open or how much your crank the AC, you are still sweltering in the drivers seat. 


Office workers – Not because you have to sit inside and watch the sunny world go by, not because the air con has just packed in and not even because I’ve just dropped the Almond Magnum I was eating on my desk. No - the reason office workers have it so bad in the summer is we have to listen to constant whining from colleagues about how hot it is as if we had forgotten that we were roasting and needed reminding.


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