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Tech me out: Would you date a robot?

Tech Me Out: a quarter of young people would happily date a robot, finds survey into public vision of the future

- One third (34 per cent) of Brits say they would be microchipped at work if their privacy was 100 per cent guaranteed
- Yet, more than half (62 per cent) say that they would not swap their dinner for a pill and will still enjoy a cuppa in 2036
- Results published today to mark the launch of FutureFest 2016, line-up includes Es Devlin, Cindy Gallop, DJ Spooky, Oliver Peyton and Sherry Coutu CBE

If you looked into a crystal ball to predict your future, would you see yourself in a relationship with a robot, gaming your way through a normal day at the office or having your genetic makeup decide what you eat, and when? New ComRes research* published today by FutureFest asked the public to imagine the world in 20 years in time along these very lines.

Recent films depicting human-machine romances may soon become a reality; a quarter (26 per cent) of young people (aged 18-34) in the UK said that they would happily date a robot - provided their android beau looked just like a real-life human being.

Meanwhile, half (50 per cent) of Brits who already use contactless bank cards say that they would be happy to have microchips implanted under their skin to open doors or log on at work, and a third (32 per cent) of all British adults believe that in fifty years’ time the sale of fizzy drinks to under-16s will be as tightly controlled as tobacco is today.

This world will be brought to life and explored at [FutureFest 2016, a weekend festival of future ideas hosted by Nesta, the UK’s innovation foundation. Taking place at London’s Tobacco Dock, 17-18 September 2016, this year’s event is programmed around four themes - Love, Play, Work and Thrive - with each curated by a specialist in the field**. 

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