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Tash-tastic Tablers team up with Movember

Tash-tastic Tablers get ready to grow as we’ve teamed up with MOVEMBER – and there’s plenty of gain for RTBI. Movember is one of the very few charities championing health issues for males and it needs the support and promotion by guys like us.

We can grow moustaches or "MOVE" for Movember and celebrate the feat by arrangimg end of event parties (either as an individual club or as an area) - at which, will be dozens of motivated guys from our area who need to know about Round Table. 

Movember have also agreed to promote our partnership to all their participants.  Success with charity is often measured in cash but Movember measures in participation, engagement (much like ourselves) - so rather than (just) going for most amount of money raised by an organisation, we're aiming for most Mo-brothers participating and shouting about the cause and its healthy messages.  This is a community service service project with a strong element of membership opportunity - plenty of good news and social media feeds in this one!

To get involved email Adam Connor on with subject MOVEMBER.

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