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Shaun the sheep puts Round Table in a spin

Bristol Round Table officials are feeling a little sheepish after a club event they are planning for this weekend went viral on Facebook.


A few club members decided to get together next Sunday to view part of the Shaun the Sheep trail in Bristol and have a family picnic on the Downs.


But the event post was shared across Facebook and was soon seen by 116,000 people with almost 1,400 saying they are going to turn up to join in!


Bristol Round Table Chairman Chris Rowe said: “We want people to know that this is not an organised event. Just a few club members and their families were going along – now we fear that people will be turning up in vast numbers expecting some organisation.


“Clearly it won’t be much fun if there are over 1,000 people trying to get their photo taken at each sheep! We have posted notices on Facebook and hope everyone gets the message.”


Andrew Simmonds, National Community Development Officer for Round Table, said: “I think we underestimated the popularity of the Shaun the Sheep Trail and the fact that so many people are planning to go on the trail this weekend.


“Obviously this is great “community engagement”, which is what we aim to do -  but the numbers have just got out of hand because so many people now share things on Facebook. We know nothing about Shaun the Sheep except what our kids tell us and the fear is that people will think this is something organised by us, which it isn’t!


“Bristol Round Table has 15 members; guys from all walks of life that get together socially every couple of weeks and raise funds for the local community. We do organise events for the public from time to time – but this isn’t one of them!”


Round Table is an international network of clubs open for new members (males between the ages of 18 and 45). See for more information



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