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Send a swift Valentines gift - using only a number!

Don't know your Valentine's address? New app SwiftGift allows you to send a real gift using only their mobile phone number

So you met a girl in a bar, got her number and now you want to really impress her? Or there is that guy in the office you have a laugh with every day, but you want to send him something he'd love so he will finally know how you feel? If only you knew their address so you could send them something really special this Valentine's Day.

This year, help is at hand from the world's first instant gift messaging app, SwiftGift. This innovative app allows you to send amazing, real Valentine's Day gifts to anyone's doorstep using only their phone number. The app makes choosing, sending and delivering the perfect gift fun and as effortless as a couple of taps of a smart phone:

  • Step 1: Choose from a selection of gifts, including flowers, jewellery, gadgets or even steamy adult items handpicked from over 1,400 leading retailers like John Lewis, Apple and Swarovski
  • Step 2: Select the recipient from your phone contact list and add a personalised message
  • Step 3: The lucky recipient gets a text and enjoys the excitement of opening a virtual gift to see what they've been given. They can then specify where they want the real physical gift to be delivered, whether that is flowers to the office or receiving a gift more discreetly at home.

All the sender and recipients' details are kept strictly private. And should it turn out that the object of your affections isn't interested, they can simply decline the gift and you won't be charged a penny.

For those who should know better but leave it too late, SwiftGift also offers a lifeline. Simply choose a gift your partner would love on Valentine's Day and they will still get an instant notification to see what you have bought along with a personalised message so you can stay in their good books.

Re-inventing how gifting works:

SwiftGift has been built following extensive research into the gifting experience. A team of consumer behaviour psychologists investigated and measured the various "moments of delight" of both givers and receivers of gifts, and set about using intuitive technology to recreate the pleasure points, while removing the negatives of the shopping experience. With this, SwiftGift provides:

  • No more hours wasted hunting for the perfect present - SwiftGift provides a handpicked selection of tried-and-tested gifts, categorised to make choosing the right one quicker and easier than ever before.
  • No need for delivery addresses - SwiftGift offers a simple check-out process, delivering the perfect present by just selecting recipient from smartphone contacts. A mobile number is all you need to send a gift.
  • No more missed occasions - Even if you only realise on the day that it is Valentine's Day, you can still send an instant gift with SwiftGift.
  • Keep the excitement of a surprise - Recipients receive an instant notification, with the excitement and surprise of opening the gift virtually, as well as receiving the physical present later
  • Convenient delivery - Recipient decides exactly where the item will be delivered, so they can get flowers at work or a more discreet delivery to their home address.
  • Enjoy the magic of giving - SwiftGift features a "selfie" functionality, so the sender can see delight on the face of the recipient when they get the gift
  • No more unwanted gifts - If the recipient declines the gift, sender won't be charged a penny

SwiftGift is available to download now on iPhone. For more information visit

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