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Round Table provides top tips on happiness ahead of global celebration

The world’s largest social club for young men is sharing its top tips on how to embrace happiness as International Day of Happiness approaches.


Launched in 2007 by the United Nations Foundation, the event is celebrated on Friday, 20 March, and is a day set aside to raise global awareness that happiness is a fundamental goal. The day is also fully supported by Grammy Award-winning musician Pharrell Williams, who teamed up with the foundation last year to inspire people to take action to support the UN and create a happier world for people everywhere.


With over 4,000 members in the UK alone, Round Table is a voluntary organisation that offers a place for men from all walks of life to simply have a laugh, discover a world of new activities whilst meeting like-minded individuals, so it’s no surprise that members are fully supporting the event and calling on people in the UK to embrace happiness.


Steve Glaister, president of Round Table Great Britain and Ireland, commended the benefits of being a Tabler having being a member for nearly 20 years. He gives his five top tips on how to make small yet simple changes to everyday life in order to be a happier person:


Build relationships – Whether it’s taking time out to talk to a colleague at work, spending time with a loved one or catching up with friends over a drink, people often get so busy in their everyday lives that they forget how important it is to socialise. Last year RELATE published a report showing that nearly five million people in Britain do not have a close friend[1], therefore developing relationships with family and friends is vital for happiness.



Try something new – Many of our existing and new members have tried new sports, learnt new skills and made new friends, and they have definitely felt happier for it. Now and then, it’s important to break from routine and try something different. It’s exciting, challenging and rewarding!


Do something positive – Supporting a charity in the community, helping out a friend on the weekend are all little things which leave a positive impact. Helping others can make a substantial difference to others and even yourself. Giving back also helps strengthens existing relationships and build new ones.


Don’t stress – It’s difficult to not let stress get on top of you, whether it’s finance, work or family. A report issued by HM Government in January 2014 revealed that men aged 35-54 years are now the group with the highest suicide rate[2]. With that in mind, it’s crucial to talk to those around you and not bottle everything up.


Keep a balance – Having a healthy balance of work, family and friends is so important. It can be unhealthy to focus all your efforts on just one of these things, so much that you forget about everything and everyone else around you.


Steve Glaister, adds: “We hope individuals join us in celebrating International Day of Happiness and follow these simple tips. Round Table is proud to be a club that gives men the chance to embrace and make the most out of life.”


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