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Picture Perfect in Round Table's 90th Year!

You may have heard that this year we are turning 90! With lots of activities going on throughout the year, we want to share some important secrets on how to take those unforgettable pictures this year.

So here are some of the basics of what you need to get going;


Choose carefully what to include in the photo and what to leave out. Think about what story you are telling and remember that everything in the frame will influence the viewer, and they won’t know anything that you don’t show them.

Follow through

After you make the decision to take the photograph, the camera still needs to do the work, so don’t snatch the camera away. If you pull away too early you could have motion blur, or miss the frame that you want. The camera will take less time to take the photo if there is lots of light, and if you are not zoomed in.


Think about where the light is coming from. People standing with bright light on them may squint, but with bright light behind them they might end up in shadow. Try to keep the flash off as standard and only put it on when you know you need it – your camera may suggest using flash when it is not necessary, and light from the flash can look unnatural, or reflect off eyes, glass, metal, and even skin.

Additionally (although it might seem odd), using your flash can sometimes improve your photos if you're shooting in bright sunlight. The extra light can help to fill in harsh shadows.

Prevent red eye  

Red eye is caused by the camera’s flash reflecting off of your retinas. This usually happens when you are taking photos in low light and your eyes don’t have enough time to constrict. To avoid getting a red eye effect, you can try:

  • Turning on more lights. If you are taking pictures indoors, then you can prevent the red eye effect by turning on as many lights as you can and making the environment brighter.
  • Telling your subjects to look away from the camera. If your subjects are not looking directly at the camera, then you can avoid the red-eye reflection.
  • Turning on the red-eye function. Most digital cameras have this feature and it can help to prevent red-eye shots.


After taking a few photos, review what you have so far, to check all is well before carrying on.

Once you have your picture right it’s time to try to win some prizes!

Every day all over Great Britain and Ireland, Round Table members are making a difference to fantastic charities, local causes and inspiring individuals. Round Table is a proud member of NCVO, and this year's NCVO photo competition focuses on "making a difference".  If your Table has been involved in making a difference, enter the NCVO competition today (closing date 20th March) and you could win a Samsung Galaxy tablet, vouchers for professional artwork printing and more.

Find out all the details at NCVO. Don't forget to send your pictures to NCVO and Round Table Head Office. For the full Terms and Conditions please click here

The competition may end on the 20th March, but Round Table 90th celebrations will be going on throughout 2017! Be sure to share your Round Table photos and experiences by emailing [email protected] or sharing with us on Facebook and Twitter


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