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Marchesi House celebrates 25th birthday

The home of Round Table officially moved to Birmingham nearly a quarter of a century ago this month.

After years of Round Table HQ being located in London, the National Council meeting in 1987 saw plans put in place to move the building from the capital to the second city.

A move from London was not taken lightly but according to the article in the special edition of Tabler magazine (as shown below), there were key advantages to a move:

  1. Space, with the old premises being cramped and dispersed over five floors with staff spending a considerable amount of time walking up and down stairs. They had no parking facilities and access was difficult for visitors. The central London location also added to higher costs of staffing, rates, repairs and general maintenance.
  2. At the time, the property market was particularly buoyant. An attractive price could be gained for the London property.

Birmingham was chosen as the new location due to it being central with good access for transport and planes. Prices were considerably cheaper than London.

At the time, a suitable ready-made building couldn’t be found – until a new development began at Embassy Drive which would see the completion of the future Marchesi building.

For the interim time, staff moved into the Rotunda building in New Street, Birmingham.

Nowadays, Marchesi House is home to six members of staff. Meeting room facilities are used by Tablers and members of the public alike to ensure that the building itself is being used to its full capacity.

To find out more about Marchesi House’s meeting room space, please email the office team here. 


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