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Make a splash!

If you’re less of a landlubber and love messing about on the water then check out these adrenaline-pumping activities! 


Hydro speeding 

Enjoy the country’s most exhilarating water sport hydro speeding which essentially involves you, a big float flying down Lee Valley Water Park’s rapids at top speed. Lee Valley was used during the 2012 Olympics, unfortunately, hydro speeding wasn’t a sport but it still gets a gold medal for fun.  


Underwater hockey 

Underwater hockey originated back in the 1950s and since then it has gone from strength to strength as a sport. Other than the masks, snorkels and fins, underwater hockey follows the same rules as ice hockey. The only requirement is that you can swim, it’s also handy that you are fairly fit because while very fun it can be tiring.  There are underwater hockey clubs all over the country looking for members. 



There is not just fun to be had in the water, thanks to Aquatic Jetpacks UK there are plenty of thrills above water as well.  A flyboard is a jetpack attached to a personal watercraft which uses water to propel the user through the air, flyboards are currently retailing for around £3,000 but Aquatic Jetpacks in Dorset are offering flyboard experiences and training for around £100 per day.  



When you think of snorkelling you probably picture the white beaches and clear sea of the Bahamas, but exploring Britain’s nautical population is just as good. Studland Bay in Dorset is one of the few places in the UK where you can spot seahorses. On the other side of Britain, there is the conveniently named Long Loch, a 16–mile stretch of Scottish water that is home to conger eels, crabs, starfish and the odd seal if you’re lucky. Long Loch boasts some of the clearest water in Britain making it an ideal snorkelling spot. 


Canoe Trails 

Canoe Trails are made for everyone and offer a more relaxing alternative to some of the higher tempo water activities. Go Canoeing has a database of canoe trails for all ages and all abilities. There are urban canoe trails in city centres and more rural routes allowing you to take in the scenery.  Prices vary depending on the trial you choose. 


Aqua Zorbing  

The closest you will ever get to walking on water is jumping inside a giant inflatable ball and running on the spot like a human hamster wheel. As well as being a laugh Aqua Zorbing is also great exercise and is the driest water sport you can take part in. Ten minutes of Aqua Zorbing will cost you about £5 at The Watersports Centre at Tallington Lakes. 


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