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A major study about the state of masculinity just launched – and your vote matters!


Martin Daubney, award-wining editor, journalist, broadcaster and co-founder of Round Table partners, The Men and Boys Coalition, explains why your country needs your help to complete what we hope will be the biggest audit of British masculinity in history.

“The University College London is currently conducting its “Core values and wellbeing in 2017” survey, which is designed to be an emotional census for British men. We want to know: what makes men tick? What values do they hold dear? What makes them happy – or sad? 

“How important are money, love, family, providing for others, being a great dad, partner or son – or our mental wellbeing or physical health? What is that evasive perfect work/life balance? How have men progressed over time?

“And who are the UK's most contented men? What they do? Where do they live? What do they hold dear?

“We’re hoping to find out who are today’s true male role models."

“Of course, we know some men are struggling. The world is a fast-changing place and men’s role in it is irrevocably different from our fathers’. Yet today there’s never been a more open and robust dialogue about men’s mental health and we want to tap into this commendable honesty.

“Yet for all this, we hear a lot about men’s problems, about the ‘crisis of masculinity’.

“Now, we want to offer some solutions. And we’ll do that by speaking to you. How are good, decent men getting it right – and what can the rest of us learn from them?

"This simple online survey takes around 15 minutes and is 100% anonymous. As well as getting the conversation about men’s issues on a front foot in the Press, we want to use the findings as a toolkit to advise policy makers and apply pressure in Parliament. 

"I’ve been writing on men’s issues for years now, and care so much about men and boys’ issues, last year I co-founded the Men & Boys Coalition in Parliament. I’m also an ambassador for International Men’s Day in the UK.

“I helped write this landmark survey with its director, Dr John Barry, one of the UK’s most pioneering psychologists on men’s issues. John also runs the Male Psychology Network, which is pushing for a men’s section of the British Psychological Society to address the gendered issues men face, such as suicide prevention and forming a male-specific psychological treatment.

“The study has been given ethical approval by the University College London (UCL) Research Ethics Committee and the results will be published later this year to create a lasting record of the state of British men.

“That’s why I’m reaching out to Round Table members for your help. I know you care as much as I do about men’s issues, togetherness and finding a better way for men to be men.

“Your voice counts: I’d love to hear it. Please fill out the survey today. Your country – and our sons and daughters – needs you. Cheers, Martin"

Click here to complete the survey now

Round Table, proud partners of Men and Boys Coalition, support a wide variety of male issues, as well as providing a fun and friendly place for men aged 18-45 to socialise and give back to your local community. If you would like to find out more about Round Table click here.

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