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Happy Father's Day!

Round Table has been around since 1927, so it is no surprise we have fathers, sons and even grandsons who have all gone on to become Tablers.

We'll be sharing a few of their memories this weekend

David Morris, Jersey Round Table 

Some of my most abiding memories of my childhood involve Round Table. One of my earliest memories is standing next to my Dad’s car with my mate Julian, and we were wearing our “My Dad’s a Tabler” T-shirts. I was four years old, and we had just had a really fun filled day with friends and family all around us.

Other memories include the weekend where Dad organised the National Camping Weekend at Eastnor Castle. Didn’t stop raining for days and we spent the weekend knee deep in mud, but we had the greatest time.

I joined Round Table so my son could have the same childhood I did and he would be as proud of me as I am of my Dad.

Happy Fathers Day, Dad! I will always thankful of your introducing me to the Greatest Young Man’s club in the World.

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