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Half of British Couples Losing the Passion for a Smooch

• Just 48% of Brits feel that kissing is an important part of their relationships
• 1 in 6 kiss their partner very rarely
• North East, West Midlands and London are the top 3 smooching counties of the UK
• National Kissing Day is 24th June 2016

New research with British couples, released to celebrate National Kissing Day, has revealed a shocking lack of passion for a smooch. According to the research, less than half of British couples (48%) felt that kissing was still an important part of their relationships.

It dramatically changes the older we get and the longer we are in a relationship according to the survey by new date night subscription service JustUsBox. 65% of 18-24 year old couples embrace a regular smooch in their relationship, with just 39% of over 55s feeling that a regular kiss is important to keep the passion alive.

2 in 5 Brits admit that they kissed and cuddled more at the start of their relationships but the passion seems to have waned, with just 1 in 6 admitting that they now kiss their partner very rarely aside from the usual hello and goodbye. 

Where are the most passionate kissing couples in the UK? JustUsBox have compiled a top ten list of the ‘Love a Smooch’ Locations according to the survey showing the North East, West Midlands and London as the top three smooching regions whilst Coventry, Liverpool and Aberdeen top the cities.

‘Love a Smooch’ Locations 
Rank Region
1 North East
2 West Midlands
3 London
4 South East
5 East Midlands
6 Northern Ireland
7 Scotland
8 South West
9 East Anglia
10 Yorkshire

1 Coventry
2 Liverpool
3 Aberdeen
4 Brighton and Hove
5 Newcastle
6 Birmingham
7 London
8 Leicester
9 Bristol
10 Belfast

Charlie Lewis, co-founder of JustUsBox comments: “We were truly shocked at how much the loving kiss is disappearing from our relationships. To find that less than half of British couples are engaging in a regular smooch is sad but something that we all can change. JustUsBox was developed to encourage Brits to engage more in their relationships and spend time together away from a TV and mobile phone. The concept is to focus on the love, laughter and lust in their relationships on specially created date nights. Hopefully encouraging Brits to keep the passion and excitement alive in their relationships.”

JustUsBox launches on 24th June, National Kissing Day and is a subscription date night solution to encourage British couples to engage in a variety of activities and challenges. The subscription is available as a sole box for £35. Subscriptions start from £25/month depending on the length, choose 3, 6 or 12 months making them an ideal gift for partners, close friends or as a wedding gift to ensure the newlyweds start their married life with some creativity and fun.
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