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A guide to Pokemon Go

A guide to Pokémon Go

You may have noticed everyone has suddenly started aimlessly walking around looking down at their phones, ok people have always done that, but now they have a purpose, it’s all in the name of becoming the very best, the best there ever was, a phrase you probably haven’t heard since the 90s.

Never the less Pokémon is back, and in a big way, their latest app Pokémon Go is on track to attract more daily users than Twitter, which is not bad considering it has had a staggered release across countries and mobile platforms.

What is it?

Pokémon Go seems to be the answer to the dreams of your 11-year-old self, giving you the chance to catch Pokémon in the real world.

The app uses your phone’s GPS to track where you are to make Pokémon appear on your phone screen, and then catch them, the Pokémon that appears are all determined by your location.

So, do you just catch Pokémon? Not it’s much more than that once you’ve caught your Pokémon you can go to Pokestops and Pokémon gyms which are real-life landmarks such as fountains, churches, and generally speaking any other free to access public attractions.

How do I get it?

If you own an Android phone, you simply download it from the Google Play store.

However, if you own an iPhone things get a bit trickier, there are plenty of back alley methods to downloading it, but from personal experience, this method seems to be the most effective.

What’s the catch?

 There isn’t one really, apart from having to go outside, which as an avid Pokémon fan was the source of nightmares for me as a child, there has been a little bit of negative press surrounding the app like the man who got sacked off the back of his Pokémon Go rant.

And the girl who discovered a dead body.

But other than that the general consensus is that Pokémon Go is the best thing to happen in 2016, and possibly of all time, ok that may be a slight over exaggeration, but it certainly brightens up you lunch hour seeing a Pikachu stood next to your sarnie.


  • Pokemon = pocket monster
  • Pokestop = a location that rewards the player with loot
  • Pokeball = a supply that you can throw to capture Pokemon for training
  • Gym = a location where Pokemon battle each other
  • Pikachu = the most well known Pokemon

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