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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the Premier League last weekend

The Good

Bournemouth - 4 West Ham - 3

Bournemouth earned their first ever Premiership victory and they did it in some style. Previous to this game Bournemouth had zero points and had scored zero goals.  But now the Cherries  are looking ripe as they got the better of West Ham in a seven-goal thriller. Bournemouth striker Callum Wilson secured the win with his third goal of the game in the 79th minute when he converted Bournemouth 17th penalty since the start of last season.  Some credit should go to the Hammers who were a lot better in the second half and really had a go at Bournemouth, which made the full 90 minutes a spectacle.

The Bad

Manchester United – 0 Newcastle United – 0

What is more boring than the opening game of the weekend being a 0-0 draw? The answer is Michael Owen’s commentary, so combine the two and it’s a recipe for disaster. I have to own up and say I can’t fully comment on this game because I fell asleep in the 70th minute but after a bit of research it doesn’t sound like the game exactly came to life in the final 20. Despite a lively opening 15 minutes this game really failed to take off and goes down as the worst game of the weekend. Man Utd and Newcastle were the only two sides who failed to score on Saturday incase you wanted further proof that this tie was not the greatest advert for football.

And the bad

Patrick Bamford’s Match of the Day debut.

Footballers know that their playing careers are short and they will need another job once that dreaded retirement day comes. Many former pros turn to management while others have a go at punditry. Crystal’s Palace’s Patrick Bamford had a go at the later this week and well it’s a good job he’s only 21 and his playing days are ahead of him. Bamford was tasked with the job of introducing match of the day during his Football Focus interview on Saturday. Good job Bamford was blessed with a decent eye for goal.

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