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Give yourself some face time

One of the banes of my life is that regular routine of having to shave – particularly as a requirement of fitting in with the work place rules. 


A couple of days stubble does no one any harm and we now seem to have passed the time when everyone just had to have a beard as was ‘cool’. 


Well let’s face facts, men still need to shave as part of their grooming routine and what better way to take the sting out of this task, than to make it pleasure rather than a chore. 


So, when the offer came to try out The Personal Barber kit, I jumped at the chance. The Personal Barber is a subscription service enhances this menial male task. It will, and I quote, ‘a shaving experience designed to inject style and bring enjoyment to the daily grooming regime’. 


Now this is not to be rushed but savoured – much like a Turkish shave. 


Upon opening the box, there was a wealth of shaving goodies inside, including a personal razor in which you fit your blade and return to the single blade – unlike the multi-blade disposables. 


Also nestling in the neatly packaged ensemble was a stylish shaving brush plus Kent luxury shaving soap, Natio for Men sensitive moisturizer and two aftershaves – Natural Bay and Moroccan Rhasssoul from Meissner Tremona. 


There are also two cards – one on how to look after your kit and get the best out of it and the other, tips on how to indulge in the perfect shave. 


As part of the monthly subscription, you get new hand-picked products every month thereafter, including new soaps/creams, blades and extra pre and post-shave products to try out such as oils, balms, colognes, alums and more. This is pure indulgence. 


So what of the shave, well, you don’t want to rush this – and if you can get some hot towels to enhance the experience then do. 


It did take longer, but it also felt as you were giving your face a treat as you took the time to lather, then shave and use the products as they were intended. It certainly gave a very close shave and with not nick in sight! 


The Personal Barber subscription box is either £24.95 per month on a rolling basis, or £17.95 per month for a pre-paid 12 month subscription. All subscriptions can be bought and delivered as a gift direct to the recipients address. 

For more information go to 


Sticking with making your face look great, this month’s Tabler has looked at a variety of outdoor activities which will only see your good lucks harmed by the elements. 


Now as some Tablers approach ‘kicking out’ time, those knocking on the exit door may want to consider just how they can look younger! 


But not just them, anyone one out in the elements working in harsh conditions or extreme sports. 


None of us can fight the aging process, and while our female companions have moisturized and used a range of age-fighting creams for years, very few men still buy into it. 


New on the scene is Menage – which among it’s range of products is a hydrating age defence gel. It draws on copper to provide its anti-oxidant properties and fight the aging process. It’s masculine-looking, so don’t sweat, and just apply morning and night.


Perfect for those looking to roll back the years! Aside from the gel, there’s a face wash, moisturizer, hand cream and anti-fatigue eye roller. 


Menage hydrating age defence is priced at £22 for 50ml. For more on Menage skin care range go to 



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