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A final thank you for 2015-16 from Marcus Jones

Many of you would have witnessed the buzz of the National AGM, that buzz has been around all year and that mood of belief and success comes via the work of you and your members. I have been simply inspired this year by the work in our communities and to personally witness so much was a life changing experience for my partner, Jane and I. 
You have allowed me to be part of your journey and for that I truly thank you all. Round Table's journey will surpass 90 years and as we head towards 2020 I know one thing. There is more belief in our members more than ever before and that belief will create success.
"Success is a decision, not a gift" these where some of the final words I used at the AGM, through hard work of the past, present and future members we have earned the right for success in a very changing society.our relevance is far greater than ever before.
Round Table means different things to different people, for some it is community, for others charity, for most it is the fun and friendships for life" 
The AGM team worked tirelessly to give the members a great conference, thank you Stuart and the team.
One final thing for me was the inspirational speech at our conference by young Nathan Moore aged 18 on the university project. I would ask you all to take time to watch it, it's simply the most inspiring speech I believe we have heard in nearly 90 years.
Thank you Round Table for allowing me to represent you as National President in 2015/16, we will continue the journey of success with our New National President Mark House.
Marcus Jones
Past National President    
Round Table Great Britain and Ireland  

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