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A father and son pairing

Rob is the current president of Bournemouth Round Table – and his own father is currently president of Bournemouth 41 club (association for ex-Tablers). 

Growing up, Rob’s memories of Table included helping at the Exeter Round Table fireworks and this inspired Rob to later join Table to experience the fun and friendship that he had seen and experienced growing up.

Rob’s dad Geoff has also been in touch to reminisce about his own memories of Table that involved his son Rob. Things that Rob got involved with were extensive – from the fireworks he can remember with Exeter Round Table, to Christmas floats, area rallies, family barbeques, hosting on twinning weekends and hosting German Tabler’s children when they travelled to the UK.

As president of Bournemouth 41 club, he has asked an old Table friend from Exeter to be an honorary. Roger Hanley, the member in question, was also Father Christmas in years gone by - and there apparently exists a picture of Rob aged 2 sat on his lap! 

Rob has a simple message to his Dad this Father’s day – thank you!

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