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Dads are not nappy happy

One of the UK’s leading Dad support networks has launched a campaign for more dad-friendly baby changing facilities across the UK.

The campaign, #dadsforchange launched by The Dad Network and supported by Tommee Tippee® Sangenic® Tec aims to highlight the best and worst baby changing facilities in the UK for Dads and their babies.

The idea led by The Dad Network founder Al Ferguson, originated from the frequency of complaints Al received from Dads saying there was a real lack of Baby changing facilities for Dads in restaurants, cafes and shops.

Inspired by Ashton Kutcher who last year campaigned for the same thing in the US, and the recent support US based Scotty Schrier received, Al, along with his son Ted, went on a secret undercover mission to find out whether they could find Dads’ baby changing facilities in their home town, and the results were surprising to say the least. Al and Ted made a short video on their undercover mission, which has since gone viral, view here.

Al Ferguson, founder of The Dad Network and dad to 3 says, “Many dads have been in situations whereby they have not been able to safely and hygienically change their own baby’s nappy when out and about. One member of The Dad Network was even refused a suitable place to change his baby in a UK hospital. Society is going through a cultural shift seeing more and more dads take active, hands on roles in parenting and public facilities need to reflect this”.

He added, “We feel that in order for real change to hit the UK, we need to be highlighting both the dad friendly and unfriendly facilities in the hope that businesses will recognize the importance of this issue.”

One business partnering with Al to support the campaign is UK owned Tommee Tippee, who have recognised the importance of Dad in their recent #ParentOn campaign that encourages both parents to trust their instincts when bringing up baby. Tommee Tippee is the UK’s number one feeding brand and proud sellers of the best-selling Sangenic Tec Nappy Bin. To help support the #dadsforchange campaign Tommee Tippee is offering Dad friendly changing facilities the opportunity to claim one of their Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal Systems for free. They simply need to be nominated by a Dad as a Dad Friendly Change zone.

Jonathan Brougham, Senior Global Category Manager for Tommee Tippee Sangenic comments” We decided we wanted to support Dads in the UK to get the facilities they deserve. As a dad myself, I know how involved I and many of my Dad peers are in the parenting process and find it unbelievable that so many public places do not offer baby changing facilities for Dads. We hope through the work The Dad Network and ourselves are doing that this will be the start of a change for the future across the nation”

The Dad Network has created a webpage designed for dads to list & locate ‘Dad Friendly Facilities’ here in the UK. The webpage Dad's changing facilities mapallows the user to upload the name & address of the public service (restaurants, cafes, points of interest etc.) along with a photo of the facilities and information as to whether it caters for dads to be able to appropriately change their baby’s nappy or not. These are then plotted on to a nationwide map showing the locations of the Dad Friendly facilities AND the locations of those that are Dad Unfriendly facilities. Each venue will be qualified by the Dad Network before appearing on the map, and becoming eligible for a free Nappy Disposal System.*

It’s about time that Dads were given an equal share when it comes to parenting, even in public toilets. After all, Dads have babies too.

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