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The big talking points from AGM 2016


Unless you spent the last few days situated under a rock you will be aware this past weekend Round Table hosted its 83rd annual general meeting in Cardiff, if you were lucky enough to be in attendance you will already know what a great weekend it was, but for those that missed out - here’s a recap of the biggest moments during the weekend.

The role of Events officer

The only board role that was contested at this year’s AGM was for events, the two members going for it were Ed Watton, who had held the role for two years and John Rees.

Both hopefuls were given 3-minute slots to deliver a speech to everyone at the AGM, both speeches were live streamed on our twitter account.

The votes for the role were made on the day, and the winner and new Events officer was revealed as John Rees. You can see a full list of your national board for 2016/17 below.

Will Yorkshire take over Round Table?

Anyone who thinks AGM is a boring affair full of dull discussions should take a look at Area 9’s attempt to change the name of Round Table to Round Table Yorkshire and Not Yorkshire.

It was a pretty ambitious motion that was ultimately denied. Area 9 reminded us that Yorkshire was responsible for Guy Fawkes and as a result took credit for all of the firework events Round Table organised like we said, an ambitious attempt.

Check out their campaign video below.

Award Winners

There were heaps of awards handed out throughout the day, including the rare sight of two Marchesi medals being handed out, we made a separate article regarding all of the weekend’s winners here.

NSW 2016

This year’s NSW will take place in Oxford on the 1st September, and will follow a story theme. Everyone at the AGM got the pleasure of seeing a bearded male member of the NSW committee dressed as Alice in Wonderland. We assure you the actual event will be a lot easier on the eyes, book in today.

AGM 2017

You can already book your place at next year’s AGM which is in Stratford - what are you waiting for?

If you need any extra convincing here's what people who were in Cardiff over the weekend had to say.

Charity survey results

Mark House, this year’s national president announced that Tables had raised £3.3 million during the past Table year which is an incredible achievement for everyone involved with Round Table. 

Round Table’s national charities

Both Round Table Children’s Wish and the Round Table Trust spoke at this year’s AGM thanking Tables for their continued support and highlighting their plans for the coming year. If you want to find out more about what the two charities do, click below.

Round Table Children’s Wish

Round Table Trust

New look National Board 2016/17

Chief Executive – David Barley

President Mark House

Vice President – Steven Grew

Immediate Past President – Marcus Jones

National Secretary – Luke Bull

Membership officer – Richard Holland

Media and PR – Lee McLaughlan

Events Officer – John Rees

International Relations officer – Jose Brinkmann

Community Development officer - John-Paul Horton

ICT officer – Chris Albutt

Programme Officer – David Morris

*names in bold represent a change in personnel. 

University clubs 


The best speech of the day came from the 19-year-old chairman of the Warwick University Round Table, Nathan Moore

Nathan received the past presidents pot for his contributions to the AGM, you can see his speech here.





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