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Best man's speech do's and don'ts


1.    Practice, practice, practice - if you can recite your speech and address your crowd with confidence, you will engage your audience more effectively.

2.    Write the speech to suit your personality - if you are a natural comedian then obviously go for gags, but if delivering a joke is not your strong suit, concentrate on something more personal and heart-felt.

3.    Speak from the heart - remember this is your best friend marrying (hopefully!) the love of their life.

4.    Share the pain – a little self-deprecation goes a long way. The crowd will be more on your side if you decide to dish the dirt on your friend.

5.    Keep it short – remember that you’re not the main event, so don’t drag it out and lose your audience. Plan about 1,000 words, which is approximately five to seven minutes.



1.    No in-jokes, swearing or smut – keep it relatively clean. Remember at a wedding there are people of all age ranges, with varying sensitivities.

2.    No ex-girlfriends/ ex-boyfriends - no one wants to know, least of all the bride!

3.    Don’t steal jokes - people will know if you’ve Googled your speech.

4.    Don’t fade away - make sure you the speech finishes strongly whether this is your best joke or your most heart-felt sentiment.

5.    Don’t drink too much - Even the greatest speech and best intentions can be ruined by a slurring, bumbling best man.


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