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Benefits of being your own boss

The number of Britain’s entrepreneurs has been constantly increasing over the past fifteen years. In 2015, there were 5.4 million private sector businesses in the UK; up 146,000 compared to 2014. Richard Clarke, Managing Director of NBE Marketing, says: “Every year, more and more Brits decide to run their own business. It may sound scary at first; however many entrepreneurs realise that being their own boss comes with a lot of advantages.” NBE Marketing promotes five benefits of being an entrepreneur.

1. Flexible working

“Being your own boss means you don’t have to respond to anyone above you. If you need a day off or attend a family event, all you have to do is justify this to yourself,” explains Richard Clarke of NBE Marketing. He underlines that flexible working hours should not be a reason for being lazy. “Entrepreneurs must work hard for their success, including out of office hours,” adds Richard Clarke.

2. Self-employment teaches valuable skills

Entrepreneurs must work in order to get paid. NBE Marketing’s MD Richard Clarke explains: “By being responsible for your own income and business growth, you learn to master self-discipline, time management and problem solving.”

3. No limits

Entrepreneurs do not depend on their manager to get a promotion. The harder they work, the better the results and the more successful they can be. There is no limit, says NBE Marketing.

4. Opportunity to travel

Richard Clarke says: “Working for yourself offers you the opportunity to travel while you work, see new places and meet people from different cultures. The world is your oyster; explore it.” Richard Clarke of NBE Marketing continues: “With today’s communication network, you can have business partners anywhere in the world.”

5. Do something you are passionate about

NBE Marketing says that people perform best when they are inspired and do something they are really passionate about. “The beauty of being your own boss is that you can do something you love,” explains MD Richard Clarke. “This makes being self-employed a huge benefit. Following your passion can fill your pockets.”

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