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10 reasons why it's never blue monday in Round Table

Today (18th January 2015) is Blue Monday, the day when we are all meant to feel down in the dumps because of the credit card bill, the wallet feeling empty and the holiday feeling just too far away.

We at Round Table argue that we don't suffer with Blue Monday. Want to know the reasons why?

1. NSW

NSW or the National Sporting Weekend is the Round Table version of the Olympics, only you don't have to spend your lifetime training for it (unless going to the pub counts as training) and you don't have to wait four years for the next one.

2. Beer

Real ale. Lager. Who cares what you drink? We love it. If you don't like beer, who cares? The pub sells soft drinks too. Cheers!


3. Curry

The staple diet of the Tabler. Curry is the nations favourite dish and we can't get enough poppadoms. However you like yours, from Korma to a Vindaloo, a good Table night can always be rounded off with a steaming bowl of delight.


4. Pin Badges

Remember swapping football stickers as a kid? Much of the same concept here, other than the fact you can have custom badges made with your name and role on to swap. Great for any collecting fans.

pin badges

5. Unique Opportunities

Being a Tabler opens up doors to experiences you just wouldn't be able to access otherwise.

Imagine driving around the Nurburgring in a Reliant Robin dressed as Batman, or learning how to be a jester. That is not even the start of it.

6. International Travel

When you become a member of Round Table, you are a part of a worldwide organisation which can bring you friendship across the world for the rest of your life.


7. Banter

It's why people go from being a visitor to a Round Table night to a member. Banter and fun is at the heart of everything we do - there isn't any point if we can't have a laugh doing it!

8. Community

We've just finished two months of Santa runs which brought delight to the faces of thousands of children across the UK. Community is more than just wheeling out our sleighs. Community is at the very heart of what Tabling is. Communities are better off because they have a Round Table club.


9. Networking

Here in the UK you have over 400 clubs with a variety of blokes. The skill set alone in Round Table is unbelievable. It is the only networking group you will ever need.

10. Friendship

Unconditional lifelong friendship is what you can grab with both hands as a Table member. Now that is something you cannot buy.

So it is never blue monday in Round Table, more like Do More Monday, Try more Tuesday and why not Wednesday.

So, if you're reading this and think this all sounds ace (it is) then guys, you should really give it a try. Leave your details by clicking the big red button above and we get in touch with you. Simple.

And Ladies, don't feel left out. Head over to Ladies Circle where they can offer all the above and more!

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