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  • Wheelchair Rugby
    Wheelchair Rugby

    Thursday 24th April 2014   -   Elland 658

    This simply has to be on your bucket-list of things to do before (or as) you die! We may have time for Wheelchair Basketball too but I suspect time...

  • Conference 2014
    Conference 2014

    Friday 9th May 2014   -   Head Office

    Calling all Merry Men and Maid Marions.... Your presence is requested for 2014's 'biggest party of the year' The De Vere Orchard Hotel and East...

  • Wakefield Festival Of Beer 2
    Wakefield Festival Of Beer 2

    Friday 30th May 2014   -   Sitlington and District 1088

    The Wakefield Festival of Beer 2 will be offering a minimum of 60 real ales, a selection of Ciders and Perry's, sloe gin, draught craft beers from...

  • National Sporting Weekend 2014
    National Sporting Weekend 2014

    Friday 5th September 2014   -   Head Office

    Round Table's infamous National Sporting Weekend 2014 will be held in Winchester, Hampshire. Friday 5th - Sunday 7th September 2014. Hosted...

  • Dunmow Carnival
    Dunmow Carnival

    Saturday 20th September 2014   -   Great Dunmow and District 768

    The Great Dunmow Carnival has been going for more than 60 years. Started in 1951, it's grown to become one of (if not the) largest inland family day...

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Area 9 Hike And Bike

Friday 4th Apr 2014

Area 9 Hike And Bike


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