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  • Hi Tiddle 2015 - Llandudno -
    Hi Tiddle 2015 - Llandudno - "Tiddle On Sea"

    Friday 27th March 2015   -   Coventry Three Spires 1043

    The Event This years “Tiddle” is organised by Coventry Three Spires 1043. It is 25 years since we organised the last tiddle and we return to...

  • Great Easter Egg Hunt 2015
    Great Easter Egg Hunt 2015

    Friday 3rd April 2015   -   Beckenham 104

    Great Easter Egg Hunt 2015 Under 11? Nothing to do on Good Friday? Like chocolate? Then we have a treat for you.

  • Wakefield Festival Of Beer III
    Wakefield Festival Of Beer III

    Friday 19th June 2015   -   Sitlington and District 1088

    The Wakefield Festival of Beer III Will be offering a minimum of 60 real ales, a selection of Ciders and Perry's, sloe gin, draught craft beers...

  • Llandrindod Carnival 2015
    Llandrindod Carnival 2015

    Saturday 4th July 2015   -   Llandrindod 1226

    Llandrindod Carnival is an event held annually in the town and celebrates the community through a variety of events and performances.

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New Members Night

Thursday 5th Mar 2015

New Members Night


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